Making a practical table-top model of the earth's surface is a very complex task. Three factors cannot be ignored:

  1. the curvature of the earth’s surface,
  2. the distortion of satellite or air imagery from obstructing surface features (mountains, valleys, etc.),
  3. platform and sensor-induced geometry errors, which present terrain distortions when the image sensor is only pointing straight down and not at other features.

Fortunately, our patented process uses advanced software techniques to correct these inherent problems before we begin creating each 3D-TTM. The high-level of detail, immediately recognizable surface features, and accurate terrain elevations make each model a reliable tactical planning tool.

Army Green Guns are authentic, durable replicas of almost any weapon in any color. These training aids look and feel just like the real thing and are used by military, law enforcement, and enthusiasts world-wide. Quality matters.

New Arrivals

  • M-14
  • New M-4
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