How We Do It

We consult very closely with our customers to determine the desired size of the model, and the exact portion of the earth’s surface the model will be constructed from. As part of our patented process, we use the most technologically advanced software available with the most up to date topography available to create a 3 dimensional file of the specific area designated by the customer.

We use this file to create solid aluminum tooling to cast each 2ft x 2ft tile that will comprise the overall model. There is no room for error in this process as each tile must line up perfectly with the next to form the perfect model. The customer is involved every step of the way and must grant approval on the topography to ensure that they are completely satisfied. After the tooling is created, we pour the desired foam to create the tiles that will comprise the model.

The tiles are decorated with our specialized paint to meet the needs of the customer. Details such as grid lines can be added for military applications, if desired. We keep the tooling on hand for future orders of the same model or if a tile needs to be replaced in the future.

Army Green Guns are authentic, durable replicas of almost any weapon in any color. These training aids look and feel just like the real thing and are used by military, law enforcement, and enthusiasts world-wide. Quality matters.

New Arrivals

  • M-14
  • New M-4
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