The 3D-TTM was designed with the military planner in mind. The concept for the 3D-TTM derived from the fact that units were utilizing gaudy map boards that were fragile and awkward to deploy. Secondarily, unit staff’s were spending countless hours constructing sand tables for pre-deployment drills.

The 3D-TTM allows staffs to conduct their planning in garrison then quickly deploy the model to a central location for pre-deployment briefings and drills, and deploy the model again to their area of operation. The 3D-TTM is also ideal for educational purposes, allowing students at multiple locations to utilize copies of the same model for planning courses.

The 3D-TTM is not limited to the military. It can be used by law enforcement, fire and rescue workers, land developers, parks and recreation, forestry services, fish and game authorities, and a host of industries we haven’t even thought of.

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