3D tactical terrain map of Fort Knox, Kentucky

3D Tactical Terrain Models

The 3D Tactical Terrain Model (3D-TTM) was specifically designed with the Military Planner in mind. From conception to production we worked in close consultation with current and former members of the armed forces to develop the 3D-TTM into the most durable and deployable terrain model ever constructed.

Through our patented process using orthorectification, we create 2ftx2ft three-dimensional tiles of any portion of the earth’s surface which comprise the overall model. Each 3D-TTM is custom built and decorated to meet the needs of the user. The 3D-TTM is available in durable hard foam or soft visco-elastic memory foam for special applications.

Regardless of size, the 3D-TTM can be set up and taken down and stored for deployment in a matter of minutes. The 3D-TTM is decorated with a specialized paint that provides ultra-violet protection for outdoor use, and allows you to walk on it and write on it without damaging the model.

Lightweight and durable tiles easily assemble into large model

Dry erase markers can be used for temporary mark-up

Annotations can be wiped clean after use

Army Green Guns are authentic, durable replicas of almost any weapon in any color. These training aids look and feel just like the real thing and are used by military, law enforcement, and enthusiasts world-wide. Quality matters.

New Arrivals

  • M-14
  • New M-4
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